Mozart Maestro

"The finest interpreter of Mozart in the world" (Südhessen Woche) is how European newspapers once greeted international concert pianist - Gil Sullivan - on a concert tour there, while the New York Concert Review wrote - "Mr. Sullivan gave more than ample proof that his sterling reputation as an interpreter of Mozart is truly well deserved".

An expert in the classical period, Mr Sullivan is one of a small handful of pianists worldwide who has the entire works of Mozart in his repertoire.

Sullivan's awe-inspiring presentation comprises a seven program recital series of the complete piano sonatas and other major works of Mozart, which he first performed in 1991 for the Mozart Bicentenary celebrations.

In 2006 - for the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth - Mr. Sullivan performed all 20 of Mozart's piano sonatas in music festivals both around Australia and throughout Germany. These were performed over 5 nights, in a multi-media production which included Mozart-and-family letter readings simultaneously accompanied by a pictographic presentation of contemporary paintings of the cities Mozart toured and the people he knew, his original manuscripts, plus letter readings from family, friends, enemies and lovers!

Sullivan's love of Mozart was profoundly enriched by his study periods with renowned pianists Murray Perahia in London and Paul Badura-Skoda in Vienna.